Terry G.’s Testimonial

I attended a Send A Vet sponsored fishing trip in July 2016, this trip took place in Utah. It took considerable urging from my wife (also a vet who has been on a send a vet trip) for me to go, I have a very hard time with social situations and wasn’t inclined to go. But after repeated pleas, I decided to give it a shot. At this time I hadn’t been fishing in hmmm some 30 plus years, not since I was a teenager, it just wasn’t really my thing. As I was living in Colorado at the time I drove to Utah to meet up with the guides and the other vets attending. As it turned out it became quite the experience and I  actually enjoyed myself in a social environment, I got to know Rock and Jess both great guys who have been through a lot. We all had a blast, we caught a decent amount of fish, had a crawfish fry (a first for me and Rock), it was amazing. This trip helped me see that I was being harder on myself for my own perceived issues then I should have been. This realization allowed me to seek and receive help through counseling at the VA clinic in Ft Collins. Before the trip, I was looking for every reason to not attend, now I am very glad that my wife convinced me that it would be a great time for me and it really was. I wouldn’t have missed this for anything.


 Mark and all the other folks that work with Send A Vet, you have my gratitude for the things you do, it made a difference in my life and my families life.




Terry G.

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