Richard W.’s Testimonial

18 months ago I got the chance to go on a Black Bear hunt in Idaho sponsored by Send-A-Vet. I followed one of the veterans from Send-A-Vet over to the cabin in Idaho. And when I say cabin that really doesn’t describe what this is.

Once we got into Idaho we stopped and got my 3 day hunting permit & bear tag.

We got to the cabin a little after 2PM on Friday so I got changed into my hunting clothes and we went and confirmed my zero on my rifle. Then I was taken out to the bait site closest to the cabin. I had been sitting in the hide for about 90 minutes when a nice looking bear came down for a bite. Now I had never been hunting bear before and when I went to get lined up behind my rifle the bear walked away. I thought I might have scared him off but about 3 minutes later he came back. Now all the things my grandfather had taught me about hunting and shooting an animal came back.

I was able to drop him in one shot and he only ran about 5 steps. So once I waited for a little while to make sure he was dead I dragged the body down and waited for my ride back to the cabin.

Now my story gets funny, this is all volunteer and Rick the gentleman who owns the cabin got there around 9pm. He is the camp skinner expert. So we had waited for him to show up. Once he was done skinning the bear we drug the hide outside and rinsed it off like was always done. Then we spread the hide to let it air for the night. We got up the next morning and NO HIDE?!?!?!?! So asked everyone if someone had moved it during the night or morning. After some investigation it was decided that a cougar must have come down and drug the hide off during the night.

Everyone there felt really bad about this and they took me out to another bait site to see if I could get another bear. No luck but I was okay with that. I came home with 75lbs of bear meat. I took it to a local game processor and had 30 lbs of breakfast sausage and 45 lbs of summer sausage made. I’m out of summer sausage and only have a few pounds of breakfast sausage left.

My computer crashed last year so I lost the pictures I had of the hunt but it was a great time with fellow veterans and I can’t say enough about this great organization and the people working in it. They even offered me a second hunt this past spring but I was going in for surgery so I had to decline.


Richard W.

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