Mark W’s Testimonial

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Send-A-Vet and all the people involved with putting on this trip for me. I lost my leg in Afghanistan while leading my platoon on a patrol through the notorious grape rows when I stepped on an IED. Needless to say it’s been hard getting around to go hunting recently because of all the rough terrain. It was amazing to stay at the cabin with like-minded people. The first two days I was hunting didn’t see much, just hanging out in a tree stand getting rained on all day. At the end of the second day I saw my first bear in the wild. It got scared off before I could get a shot off. Well, I didn’t want to go home empty handed, so I decided to stay for a few more days. The next two days I had to pretty much bear crawl up to my ground blind. On the second day right before the night turned pitch black my bear showed up. Once I could see his full body I put one round right in the center of his chest and he immediately tumbled down the hill before stopping on the tree where Anthony found him when he showed up to take me back to the cabin. I was so excited to get the shot off that I did and overall it was an amazing trip. It was super relaxing to get away from the city and everyday life for a little while; I think it has been good for me.

Thanks Again,


P.S. I look forward to getting my bear rug.

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