Lucas’ Testimonial

Rick and Mark,

Just wanted to say thanks for the shirts and card. It was a pleasure working with you gentleman and I just wish that we could have done more before leaving Powell. I hope you were able to harvest a bear or two off the 126 bait. It always treated me well when I was there. If there is anything I can do to help out on my end up here in Bonners Ferry (hosting a hunt, a place to stay, trapper ed, etc…) please let me know.

I hope the vet trapper education class goes well on the 30th, wish I could be there, but I am just finding out how busy things are up here now (grizzly calls, lion depredations, elk depredations, summer fishing frenzy, etc…). If you ever want to talk, just give me a call, I can always spare time for another vet/brother in arms.

Semper Fi,

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