Kristina A.’s Testimonial

In May of 2016 I was invited to go on a Lady veteran bear hunt that was sponsored by Hope for the Warriors and Send-A-Vet. The hunt was in Idaho, so I flew into Spokane, Wa where I was met by Ken Sutherby. Ken Was wonderful and welcoming, he and I drove together from Spokane to Kooskia where the bear hunt takes place. Once there he helped me and the other female vet, Soli, to sight in our rifles and he also gave us some extra tips and tricks that have really helped me since with my shooting. After sighting in the rifles, we went back to the cabin, I could have just spent the weekend at the cabin and been happy the location is amazing. That evening we discussed different locations for each of the hunters and then went to bed for the early morning. The next morning, we went to one of the bait barrel sights and I was set up on the ground and camouflaged, I had a view of the hill where the bears typically came down to the barrel. Once I was set everyone left and I got to settle in and wait. I figured I was going to be there for a while so I pulled out my kindle to read, not 20 minutes later I look up and see a bear wandering down. I thought he looked a little small so I was gonna let him do his thing and see if any larger bears came out. So he wandered off and a few minutes later another bear came around. I thought he looked larger and he was at the barrel where I knew I would have a shot. I didn’t have much of a window due to trees but I was able to see enough of him to line up a head shot. So, I took a breath and took the shot. He went down instantly. I was so excited, but nervous at the same time. So, I got up to walk over and make sure he was down for good. He was definitely larger in the scope but he was down, I had shot him right through his left eye. I knew that I wasn’t going to be getting picked up for a number of hours so I walked back to the cabin and got Mark and V who came with me to retrieve the bear. I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and fishing with Ken. We had fires in the firepit and some great conversations and bonding time. It was an amazing experience, to spend that time away from everything but being able to bond with other vets. I want to go back and do it again, even if it isn’t to hunt, just to spend the weekend. I truly appreciate the opportunity I had to participate and hope that this program continues for many years.

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