Kris S.’s Testimonial

Send-A-Vet is excellent, what a great organization that helps veterans feel normal and assists them getting together and outdoors! The organization sent me and a fellow Marine Corp veteran to Utah to fish with a private charter and camp the Strawberry Reservoir. What an amazing experience! We camped a beautiful state park and fished from sun up to sun down with amazing people who treated us like they had known us our whole lives! They included their family members and treated us to fish fries from the fish we caught that day and to a crawfish boil from traps we set. My Marine Corp buddy and I had a blast! The trip really helped keep the symptoms of PTS down and we were able to disengage from the anxiety of our normal days. The best part was we didn’t have to worry about anything and Marie and I are great friends now! Thank you, Send-A-Vet, for the great trip!

 Kris S.

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