James A.’s Testimonial

This is a letter of testimony and I’m writing this to help anyone understand the value of the Send-A-Vet Foundation, the character of the people who are associated to this organization and a bit about my personal experience in Idaho.

I was invited to hunt a bear in Idaho by Send-A-Vet in 2016 and I was contacted by them early the next year to see if my hunt could be coordinated and fit in my schedule. I had just retired from the Army and had started my new job so I couldn’t go in 2017. Send-A-Vet called me again towards the end of 2017 and my new job conflicted with bear season once again. However, I had got to the point where I really needed to take a personal break and then some. I had essentially left a high-tempo job in my Army career of 20 years in Special Operations and went right in to another high-tempo job as a civilian. I needed to reset my mind and a big indicator was my stress levels began to increase significantly.

I eventually spent five days in Idaho with Send-A-Vet in the early summer of 2018. The time I spent there made a tremendous and positive impact on my life, my family’s perspective on quality time and also my new career. The two contributing factors that ensured such a great benefit to my family and I were the atmosphere in Idaho and the people of Send-A-Vet. I am completely convinced that my trip to Idaho manifested in more than a simple harvesting of one of mother nature’s most fascinating animals. My trip to Idaho became and will continue to be the example I can rely to remind me that life is short and a balanced path through it is the best way to go about it.

The people I met in Idaho were completely dedicated to making my experience beneficial, I saw it every day and it was genuine. I will forever be grateful to Send-A-Vet and I will never take the lesson I learned there for granted.

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