Bagging a Proud Bear

Robert Carnes, Artillery US Marines, and Nester Hernandez, US Marine, Bear HuntThe team is having some decent success with the bears this season. This bear looks like he was proud to get bagged and pose for the pic. We’re super happy for our Vets, Robert Carnes, US Marine, Artillery, served in Iraq & Afghanistan from Pendleton, NY and Nester Hernandez, US Marine, Field Artillery Cannoneer, served in Iraq & Afghanistan from San Angelo, TX.

Our mission: Send-A-Vet is focused on sending our nation’s combat-injured soldiers on various outdoor adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and even Africa. We work diligently with multiple volunteers and donors to secure the resources needed to guarantee a safe and positive experience. As a result, our program will assist in the psychological recovery of our combat wounded veterans.

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