Richard W.’s Testimonial

Richard W.’s Testimonial

18 months ago I got the chance to go on a Black Bear hunt in Idaho sponsored by Send-A-Vet. I followed one of the veterans from Send-A-Vet over to the cabin in Idaho. And when I say cabin that really doesn’t describe what this is.

Once we got into Idaho we stopped and got my 3 day hunting permit & bear tag.

We got to the cabin a little after 2PM on Friday so I got changed into my hunting clothes and we went and confirmed my zero on my rifle. Then I was taken out to the bait site closest to the cabin. I had been sitting in the hide for about 90 minutes when a nice looking bear came down for a bite. Now I had never been hunting bear before and when I went to get lined up behind my rifle the bear walked away. I thought I might have scared him off but about 3 minutes later he came back. Now all the things my grandfather had taught me about hunting and shooting an animal came back.

I was able to drop him in one shot and he only ran about 5 steps. So once I waited for a little while to make sure he was dead I dragged the body down and waited for my ride back to the cabin.

Now my story gets funny, this is all volunteer and Rick the gentleman who owns the cabin got there around 9pm. He is the camp skinner expert. So we had waited for him to show up. Once he was done skinning the bear we drug the hide outside and rinsed it off like was always done. Then we spread the hide to let it air for the night. We got up the next morning and NO HIDE?!?!?!?! So asked everyone if someone had moved it during the night or morning. After some investigation it was decided that a cougar must have come down and drug the hide off during the night.

Everyone there felt really bad about this and they took me out to another bait site to see if I could get another bear. No luck but I was okay with that. I came home with 75lbs of bear meat. I took it to a local game processor and had 30 lbs of breakfast sausage and 45 lbs of summer sausage made. I’m out of summer sausage and only have a few pounds of breakfast sausage left.

My computer crashed last year so I lost the pictures I had of the hunt but it was a great time with fellow veterans and I can’t say enough about this great organization and the people working in it. They even offered me a second hunt this past spring but I was going in for surgery so I had to decline.


Richard W.

Josh B.’s Testimonial

Josh B.’s Testimonial

Mark & Those of Send- A-Vet,


     I first off want to apologize for the delay in this appreciation letter. There is not a word or words to describe the great time I had at the cabin in Idaho. For Rick to allow this event happen out of his own personal cabin says a lot about what kind of man, fellow veteran he is. If it wasn’t for organizations like the Send-A-Vet-Foundation these times would never happen. The crew you have on hands is amazing! For a guy like me on the East coast, getting me out there, you all made possible. The meals, along with all the accommodation’s that were provided to the other Veterans and I, again I thank you for. 

     I can only imagine what the future has in store for Send-A-Vet! I know I’ve said this before, but it’s the truth ” its things like this that make everything we do or did worth it”. Once again I want to thank you for making it possible for me to be part of something so big. I’m looking forward to doing business with you in the future and can’t wait! It was an Honor to be able to meet Everyone out there. I was able to harvest my first Black Bear, what an experience! From the Snowshoe hared rabbit to the Moose that came up the hill behind me. All these were bonuses that came along with trip. I do hope one day I will be able to give back, to help out with anything this organization needs. Thank you and take care for now.



Joshua Bower 



Joe W.’s Testimonial

Joe W.’s Testimonial

This is a great organization, run by some great guys! I had the privilege to go to Idaho for a bear hunt a couple years ago with them. Although I wasn’t able to harvest a bear, it wasn’t for lack of trying on their end! Everyone involved went above and beyond and out of their way to make sure all the vets felt at home and comfortable and had a good time! They are truly a top notch organization! I look forward to another opportunity to attend one of their amazing events! Thanks for all you do for your fellow veterans!!



Joe W.

Christopher R.’s Testimonial

Christopher R.’s Testimonial

In Spring of 2018, I had the privilege of joining Send-A-Vet foundation on an Idaho Spring bear hunt. I learned of this hunt through a mutual friend who has experienced many great outings with Send-A-Vet. My Experience with Send-A-Vet was nothing more than top notch. Mark and the other volunteers worked tirelessly to help me and my fellow injured vets experience a fantastic hunt. Form the Quality of the baits, transportation and food and longed, nothing was left wanting. For me, being around such like-minded individuals was the maid the hunt even better. I love to hunt predators, especially bear. These guys loved chasing bear as much as I did, and did everything they could to ensure that my nagging limitations form old injuries were a non-issue on this hunt. Since my discharge from the army, few things have helped my own recovery and peace of mind like spending time in the woods. Spending that time with like-minded door kickers only futures the enjoyment.


After my great time with the Spring bear hunt of 2018, I was lucky enough to be invited out with Send-A-Vet for an Idaho Wolf trapping class. I had always been curious about pursuing wolves. The class offered by the Department of Idaho Fish and wildlife was fantastic. Not only did they take the time to explain how and why to use different sets, but they taught us how to make our own traps, as well as some of the best ways to outwit the top predatory the state. The class meant a lot to me, not just the knowledge gained, but the entire experience of learning a new method to enjoy the outdoors with many of the same, likeminded souls I was able to share my bear hunt with earlier in the year.


Chris R.

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