Jack C. Jr’s Testimonial

There are not enough words to express my appreciation to you and Rick.

There are memorable things that we do from time to time, but nothing more memorable than the bear hunt you invited me on. Besides harvesting a nice bear which is always a great experience, the time spent with all of the guys at the camp was what made the hunt memorable.

I truly enjoyed all of the camaraderie with everyone. The laughs, the sarcasm, the jokes, stories of the hunts around the campfire, etc. One person was nicer than the other. Everyone was eager to help out whenever it was needed and it was noticeably sincere.

The camp was absolutely beautiful and was beyond what my expectations were. The view of the river, the comfortable setting and just a beautiful house. It’s just what I needed coming from the rat race in NY.

Thank you for inviting me, thank you for what you both do to help out your fellow veterans, thank you both for your service to our great country and most of all, thank you for being a friend.

God bless and I hope to see you both soon.

Jack Jr
Hope For The Warrior & Navy Veteran