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Terry G.’s Testimonial

Terry G.’s Testimonial

I attended a Send A Vet sponsored fishing trip in July 2016, this trip took place in Utah. It took considerable urging from my wife (also a vet who has been on a send a vet trip) for me to go, I have a very hard time with social situations and wasn’t inclined to go. But after repeated pleas, I decided to give it a shot. At this time I hadn’t been fishing in hmmm some 30 plus years, not since I was a teenager, it just wasn’t really my thing. As I was living in Colorado at the time I drove to Utah to meet up with the guides and the other vets attending. As it turned out it became quite the experience and I  actually enjoyed myself in a social environment, I got to know Rock and Jess both great guys who have been through a lot. We all had a blast, we caught a decent amount of fish, had a crawfish fry (a first for me and Rock), it was amazing. This trip helped me see that I was being harder on myself for my own perceived issues then I should have been. This realization allowed me to seek and receive help through counseling at the VA clinic in Ft Collins. Before the trip, I was looking for every reason to not attend, now I am very glad that my wife convinced me that it would be a great time for me and it really was. I wouldn’t have missed this for anything.


 Mark and all the other folks that work with Send A Vet, you have my gratitude for the things you do, it made a difference in my life and my families life.




Terry G.

Spencer M.’s Testimonial

As a kid I had always heard great thing to include many tall tales about fishing in Alaska from my father. Thanks to Send-A-Vet I was able to create my own amazing stories and tall tales to pass along to my children. This trip was such a blessing and the scenery and backdrop with the 100s of Bald Eagles in the background as the fog lifted from the water is something I will never forget. The Camaraderie I experienced on the boat with fellow Brothers in arms was irreplaceable and could not have come at a better time. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and I know my family is equally grateful to see the best of me again upon my return. Thank you.


Spencer M.

Rudy K.’s Testimonial

Rudy K.’s Testimonial

Alaska Fishing Trip with Send-A-Vet Foundation

     I am a U.S. Army retiree with over 22 years of service with disabilities. I have a true love for fishing, hunting and the outdoors. I was lucky enough to find the great organization Send-A-Vet. They gave me a once in a life time opportunity to go to Alaska on a Halibut fishing trip. I was select with five others disabled vets to go to Rocky Point Resort in Petersburg, AK. This foundation paid for our airfare and The Resort donated the charter, food, lodging, and fish packing. This trip had Little or no expense to the veterans. I experience things that you only see on TV like glaciers, turquoise glacier waters, otters, killer whales, dolphins, huge halibut, and scenery that no words can describe.

     This trip also gave me something I had been missing, camaraderie. After many leave the service, we will never connect with people of this mind set. It was sure nice to be with people with similar experiences and talk about them. Not very many people in the world we can connect to like other service members even from different branches service.


Thanks, Send-A-Vet

Rudy S. K.


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