Stephen M.’s Testimonial

Sgt McCurdy
1st Deployment
March ’04-March ’05
HHC 81st HBCT CMD Section/Plt
Mortar impact approximately 25ft ft from me. Broken left rib, severe concussion, a few very minor cuts/scrapes.
Round struck LSA Anaconda Iraq

Hunt date was Jan 10th and 11th, not counting travel to and from.

Send-A-Vet put my friend Chris Hurley and I on an amazing pheasant and chukar hunt at The Flying B Ranch. That hunt was very therapeutic! Getting outside and hunting with like-minded folks was the highlight of the year. I want to personally thank everyone involved in Send-A-Vet for all the hard work and effort that goes into putting vets on amazing hunts!! We truly benefit from the work that they do.