Send-A-Vet® Foundation – Join & Apply Your Skills

There are many positions within the Foundation that you might want to consider. Positions we always like to fill are such as, Board Member, Cook, House Cleaning, Guide (Deer, Bear, Other), Instructor (list discipline), Finance, Public Relations, Entertainment, Fund Raising, Computer/Web assistance, Organizer, Spiritual, Counselling, Medical, Outreach, Clerical, or see if your unlisted service may assist the Foundation.

Select times of the year – Are you interested in work at an Adventure Location for hunting, fishing, or other activity site that may be in remote areas? Here’s a great opportunity for solitude, fellowship, and spiritual healing.

Give 1-2 days of service – If you’d like a fun night and really help our organization, consider volunteering for April 4th 2020 Annual Dinner / Auction event. No. No KP, or peeling spuds. Help setting up tables, chairs, decorations, and other pre-event staging tasks the day prior and day of the event. To volunteer for such events, our insurance company asks the same from all of us volunteers, please complete our Waiver & Release Form here.

Our gratitude goes out to our more than 250 world-wide volunteers. These selfless individuals give their most precious gift of all. Their time and skills to ensure Adventures create a lifetime of new memories and a chance for spiritual healing.

Bring your specialties to Send-A-Vet® Foundation. Volunteer Today!

SECTION I – Personal Details

SECTION II – Experience

SECTION III – Availability & Preferences

SECTION IV – Emergency Info

SECTION V – References & Misc Info

By submitting this Application for Volunteer Service with SEND-A-VET® Foundation, you give consent to contact references, past and present employers, conduct a background check, and if selected, agree that Send-A-Vet® Foundation may use your name and photographs in our promotional literature, brochures, website and other media sources to help promote our commitment to Combat Wounded Veterans.
Volunteers that assist at the Lowell Idaho Lodge must attend and complete the following training:
1. Wolf Trapping Course;
2. Archery Hunter Safety;
3. Archery Affidavit; and
4. CPR training