Injured Person Plan – CASVAC Plan

 Send-A-Vet® Foundation Mission Statement

The Send-A-Vet® Foundation mission is focused on sending our nation’s combat-injured warriors on various outdoor adventures throughout the United States and around the world. Our volunteers, donors and sponsors work diligently to provide the labor and secure the resources to ensure a safe and positive Adventure experience.

As a result, our program assists in the psychological recovery of our combat-injured warriors.


To ensure a positive and memorable Adventure respite experience for our combat-injured veterans.

What is Send-a-Vet® Foundation? We’re founded on the commitment to provide our nation’s combat-injured veterans with Wilderness Adventure Opportunities to aid in psychological and spiritual healing. 

We work with volunteers and donors to guarantee a safe and positive experience. Volunteers come from all walks of life, and possibly no military service, and our donors and sponsors are the lifeblood of this endeavor.


It is the intention of our foundation to grant combat injured soldiers a respite from the stress of recovery by sending them on adventures in the outdoors. By working with guides and groups willing to donate free or discounted trips; these trips may include but will certainly not be limited to hunting, fishing, rafting, ATV’ing, or back country horse trips. We will purchase or reimburse travel fees, license fees, cost of meals and special equipment as is necessary. By matching combat injured veterans with outdoor adventures of their choice we hope our efforts will help speed their psychological recovery and show them our appreciation for their sacrifices. Because many of these veterans have special needs they need to be paired with guides and activities to provide a challenge and an adventure.

Veteran Responsibilities

Safety is of utmost importance at Send-A-Vet® Foundation. The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest, and other Adventure sites can be very physically demanding, and most are remote. It must be remembered that we all have a common interest and responsibility for safety to ensure our Adventure is memorable. Many Veterans have special needs and requirements may include personal medications, mobility or prosthetic devices, service animals, and diets to remain healthy while enjoying your Adventure.

Veterans must bring all prescription medicines as necessary, in addition to an additional three (3) days of medications as we can’t forecast emergencies and or delays in returning you home. Medications should be taken according to your Providers instruction.

Veterans will be briefed on and comply with ALL safety requirements as presented to them by staff.

Alcohol consumption should be controlled regardless of the type of Adventure you attend.

No illegal substance use at any time during your Send-A-Vet® Adventure regardless of location.

Emergency Contact Information

     Lowell Idaho Lodge Location

Clearwater National Forest 208-476-4541
Clearwater Sheriff 208-476-4521
Emergency / Child Abuse 911
Fishing Info 208-799-5010
ID County Sheriff 208-983-1100
ID Dept – Fish & Game Lewiston 208-799-5010
ID Dept Fish & Game-Boise 208-334-3700 or
ID Div of Aeronautics 208-334-8775
ID Div of Tourism 208-334-2470
ID Outfitters & Guides Assn   208-342-1438 or 800-497-3246
ID Panhandle National Forest 208-983-1950
ID Parks & Rec 208-334-4199
ID Parks & Rec Ops Div 208-514-2450
ID Road Info 511 or
ID State Police “Local Patrol” 208-209-8730
ID Trans Dept 208-334-8000
Kamiah Volunteer Fire Dept 208-935-0935
Leave No Trace-Outdoor Ethics 303-442-8217
Lewiston Fire Dept 208-743-3554 Fax:
Lolo National Forest 406-329-3750
Nez Perce National Forest 208-983-1950
Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest Salmon River Ranger Dist 208-839-2211
Poison Center 800-222-1222
Runaway Hotline 800-786-2929
Salmon-Chahallis National Forest N Fork Ranger Dist 208-865-2700
Steve Ryan – Wilderness Cafe 208-926-4706
Suicide Prevention 800-273-8255

Other Adventure Locations Emergency Plans:In the event of an accident involving a Send-A-Vet ® client, you must notify one of these Send-A-Vet ® Representatives at the earliest opportunity:

 The PlanReport all injuries or accidents to Send-A-Vet® Staff as soon as possible. Any injury that occurs on an Adventure will be documented and kept on file. The veteran’s safety during an Adventure is Send-A-Vets® highest priority. In the unfortunate event of a veteran getting hurt, protocol will be as followed.Minor Injuries (not requiring medical treatment from a medical facility):

  • Self/peer evaluation of injuries;
  • Self-Aid/First-Aid as needed; and
  • Report injury to Staff as soon as possible.

Major Injuries (requiring medical treatment/evaluation at a medical facility):

  • Self/peer evaluation of injuries;
  • Begin Self-Aid/First-Aid if possible; and
  • Report injury to Staff immediately and call 911.

Staff or other qualified person will deploy to the veteran’s location and transport the Veteran back to base camp (Rick’s cabin, The Flying B Ranch, etc.) if safe to do so. If a Veteran is with an outfitter other than Send-A-Vet® Foundation, then that outfitter’s medical plan and safety regulations should be followed.If 911 is called, Idaho County Sheriff’s Office develops and executes a plan specific to the situation.  The local Rangers will assist in the plan as directed by the Sheriff’s Office.If the veteran can’t be moved to the base of operations after an injury/accident, that must be reported to the 911 dispatcher as soon as possible.  In this case, the Back Country Medics will be alerted.  Details of each particular situation will dictate what the Back Country Medics bring (ie: ATV’s, trucks, horses or climbing equipment).In the event that an ambulance is dispatched, Life Flight, Medstar or Two Bear Air will be alerted to be on standby by dispatch.Ambulances can be dispatched from as far away as Missoula, Montana or Lewiston, Idaho.Two Bear Air has some medical training and equipment. They are not licensed to fly injured persons to an Emergency Room. They can get the injured person to an ambulance.Life Flight and Medstar are licensed and equipped to transport an injured person directly to an Emergency Room.If Idaho County Sheriff’s Office and/or Idaho County Back Country Medics need assistance, then Clearwater Sheriff’s Office will assist as required. This is according to Clearwater Sheriff’s Office.

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