Bear Hunt Guidelines

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Idaho Bear Hunting ADVENTURE Guidelines


Bears have an incredible sense of smell, and a successful hunt requires that you:

  • Shower with scent killer soap each night;
  • Wash clothes with scent killer at night, or wear clean hunting gear the next day;
  • Use scent killer before hunting;
  • If you must defecate, go at least 200 yards from the bait site and bury it;
  • No smoking after dressing for the hunt;
  • Male AND Female – MUST BRING & USE a urination capture device of some type at the hunting site to ensure the bait site stays relatively scent free. You are not the only Warrior we service; and
  • Do not smoke, cook food or make coffee at bait or blind site.

The hunting process:

  • In the evening before your hunt, a Volunteer / Guide will explain the next day’s hunt routine and agree to a wake-up and depart the cabin time;
  • The day begins early, and may be long, typically 0400-2200;At wake-up, prepare the days snacks, lunch and at least two quarts of water to keep hydrated;Check your hunting gear to make sure you take everything you need;
  • A walkie-talkie radio and instructions for hunter use will be provided;Talk with Guide to ensure you understand your bait site and location on a map;
  • The Guide will determine your hunting location matched with your needs and desires;
  • Wear a side arm;Harvest only what your tag or license allows;
  • Use weapons safely at ALL times even when nobody is around;
  • A Safety Harness is mandatory in All tree stands;
  • Do not leave your site while hunting unless instructed otherwise by your Guide;
  • You must obey Idaho Fish and Game and Ranger Station regulations and keep your hunting license and tags on your person while afield;
  • After the day’s hunt before bed, you must prepare another bait bag for the next morning and put it in the proper vehicle and fuel up the vehicle; and
  • This is the daily routine while hunting.

If you harvest an animal, Staff will:

  • Provide you with a Proxy Statement you must complete (in order to store your game);
  • Assist game cleaning / instructions as necessary;
  • Provide information about taxidermy, or shipping or donating your game; and
  • Keep meat and hide in the onsite freezer until your Adventure is completed.

Last Day:

  • Staff will inform you of the Sunday morning departure time and procedures;
  • On your last morning, usually Sunday, strip your bunk and put sheets and pillow cases in the laundry room;
  • Pack up your gear, load it in the assigned vehicle, then double check to make sure you have everything that belongs to you;
  • You will return with Staff to your pre-determined location and provided an approximate time;
  • finally before you leave, we ask that you take a moment and write about your hunting experience in our visitor log.


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