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Send-A-Vet ® Foundation Adventure Qualifications


So, if qualified and seek an Outdoor Adventure, complete our Adventure Application and see where it might take us….

Hunting licenses, Fishing licenses, stamps, tags, other Adventure Opportunities are paid by Send-A-Vet ® Foundation. Depending on your Adventure, some, or all of the documents below and e-Sign forms may be required for your Adventure Application to be considered a COMPLETE APPLICATION determined by the Reviewer.

VA Letter – Provide or upload the following:

  • DD 214 Member 4, or acceptable proof of combat injury;
  • Social Security Number to Obtain Necessary Licenses;
  • Short VA Disability Rating Letter, and if needed:
      • Sign in, or create your VA account, then click:
        • Manage tab;
        • Documents and Records;
        • VA letters;
        • Benefit Summary Letter;
        • Check the box – Your combined service-connected evaluation is; then,
        • Generate Benefit Summary Letter short version.
      • Save and e-mail to:; Or
      • Upload your VA Disability Rating short letter and you DD form 214 Member 4 copy on the



In addition to your VA disability rating letter, at a minimum, the following additional documents are required for a Complete application, some using e-Sign:


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