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Adventure Qualifications


So, if qualified, see our available Adventure Opportunities.

Hunting licenses, Fishing licenses, stamps, tags, other Adventure Opportunities are paid by Send-A-Vet® Foundation. Depending on your Adventure, some or all of the documents below and forms may be required for your Adventure Application to be considered a COMPLETE APPLICATION as determined by our Reviewer.

Required Documents:

  • DD 214 Member 4, or acceptable proof of combat injury; Photo ID; Social Security Number to Obtain Necessary Licenses, and if needed your Short version of you VA 30% disability rating letter by visiting:
  • Sign in, or create your VA account, then click:
    • Manage tab; Documents and Records;
    • VA letters; Benefit Summary Letter;
    • Short VA Disability Rating Letter, and if needed:
    • Check the box – “Your combined service-connected evaluation is”; then,
    • Generate Benefit Summary Letter short version;
    • Upload documents on the Adventure Application form.

Required Terms: The “TERMS & CONDITIONS” below govern Send-A-Vet® Foundation’s Adventure programs. By accessing this website, or submitting an Adventure Application below, you accept these terms and conditions in full. Send-A-Vet® Foundation encourages everyone to use and share this website with others and help us reach out. However, you must accept “terms and conditions” below to participate in our Adventure opportunities:

  • Cancellation Policy ;
  • Weapon Handling Rules ;
  • Hunter & Fisher Codes of Conduct ;
  • Adventure Pack List;
  • Get Your Firearm Ready
  • Adventure participants that take prescription medications that may cause deleterious effects, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, illicit drug use, or other mind-altering substances, are excluded from indemnification by Send-A-Vet® Foundation;
  • If Hunting – Must not be disqualified from firearm possession. (EXCEPT: If not barred from archery equipment and otherwise qualified, you may apply); Proof of Hunter Safety Certification prior Adventure start date. To obtain a Hunter Safety card go to Washington Hunter Safety Course. A Hunter Safety Certificate is Required for ALL Adventures; and,
  • If you bring a Service Animal, please upload your certificate.

Now with that out of the way, just complete these two (2) Adventure forms:

  1. The Waiver & Release to Participate form; and
  2. The Adventure Application form (upload documents here).

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Qualifications. Send-A-Vet® Foundation serves a select population of Active Duty Veterans:

The Veteran population not served by Send-A-Vet ® Foundation are:



Cancellation Policy – Failure to provide a two-week cancellation notice, or failure to arrive at the scheduled meeting point on time and you will be barred from applying for any Adventure trip through the next calendar year, except for:

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My Fellow Combat Veteran,

If your ADVENTURE has been approved, congratulations! 

Take a little time to carefully read through this document, and a Volunteer/Guide will contact you to establish travel arrangements based on your Adventure Location. When your itinerary is set, please keep Staff informed of any changes to your travel plans, or special needs.

Before leaving home, please double check to make sure you bring your photo identification, VA Letter, Hunter Safety Card, hunting or fishing licenses with all appropriate tags or stamps (unless of other arrangements), or your Adventure may be delayed.

Prepare your gear using our recommended Packing List. It’s based on your Adventure type, the location, and time of year.


We ask that you zero your weapon before arriving at any hunting location. However, if you need to zero your weapon when you arrive your guide can arrange a safe location. However, this takes time away from an evening hunt that might produce a trophy. Firearms will be locked in the gun safe while not in the field hunting.

As with the Lowell lodge and lodges around the country, they have hosted many Veterans over many years. It’s asked that you treat your lodge as you would treat a friend’s home whom you have the utmost respect. Be respectful of other’s items and space. Do not touch equipment without asking Staff first and put all equipment back in its proper place after use. If you do not know where items go, ask Staff.

When you arrive at your Adventure location, you should be provided an orientation and tour of your lodge and its facilities. Keep in mind that our Lowell Idaho lodge, and many other Adventure locations are very remote, some being 25 miles from the nearest cell phone reception. Plan accordingly and enjoy the solitude.

Also upon arrival at your Adventure location, please inform Staff of any allergies to bees or food like peanut butter, or special meal needs such as diabetic or Paleo-meals, as all meals are prepared at your Adventure location.

Finally, our all-Volunteer Staff will do their best to answer all of your questions throughout your Adventure.

Warm Regards,

Rick Sutter, U.S.M.C. Corporal, President, Send-A-Vet® Foundation


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SEND-A-VET® Foundation
Bear Hunting Guidelines

Bears have an incredible sense of smell, and a successful hunt requires that you:

The hunting process:

If you harvest an animal, Staff will:

Last Day:

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SEND-A-VET® Foundation
Weapon Handling Rules

A firearm is only an instrument. It contains no evil, no conscience, and no ability. It is strictly the intent, competence, and character of its user that decide the outcome of any and all actions taken with it.

Corollary: Socially and morally legitimate uses for the firearm are: Sport: (Hunting…)

Recreation: (Competitive, and target shooting, plinking…)

Defensive purposes: (Self-defense, and pursuant to the concepts embodied in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States)

The right to self-defense is one of the inalienable God-given rights, while the Second Amendment is a right granted by the Constitution to preserve freedom. Both are individual rights as well as responsibilities which can never be delegated.

If the firearm is chosen for defense, it should never be the sole source of any defensive strategy. It should represent the last resort in a comprehensive defensive plan that at least uses prevention as its first measure.

A firearm is never to be used to perpetrate unprovoked aggression. A firearm:

Therefore; from the moment, I chose to handle it is I who am ultimately responsible for the consequences of any actions that may follow from the use of the firearm.

Therefore; it is my intent that determines its use.

Therefore; it is my character that determines the intent for which the firearm is used.

Therefore; it is my competence that determines the accuracy of the firearm’s use.

Treat all firearms as if they are always loaded and ready to fire, until I verify otherwise.

Never point the muzzle of a firearm at anything I am not willing to destroy.

Be sure of my target and what is behind it before firing.

Never shoot at a sound, a shadow, or anything that has not been positively identified as a proper target.

Keep my finger off the trigger until the sights are on the target. It is best to keep your finger completely outside the trigger guard until the sights are on the target.

What Does Bowhunter Responsibility Mean?

Responsibility means personal accountability. You are accountable for your actions. Because bowhunting is not a spectator sport, you manage your actions by following legal and ethical guidelines.

 Characteristics of a Responsible Bowhunter

Look over the list of words below, and choose three words or phrases that best describe a responsible bowhunter. Be prepared to explain your choices.

Bowhunting Safety

Bowhunting safety rules apply to proper handling of equipment in transit or in the field. They supplement archery safety rules learned at home or at the practice range and include the following.

Consider a Bow and Arrow as a Rifle and Bullet

In many states, a bow and arrow are considered a firearm, and the same rules and regulations that apply to firearms also apply to bows and arrows. Always check local laws, and follow these archery safety rules.

SEND-A-VET® Foundation
Hunting & Fishing Codes of Conduct

Whether an experienced or novice hunter, this Hunter Code is a good review 

Respect the Environment & Wildlife

Respect Property & Landowners

Show Consideration of Non-Hunters

Hunt Safely

Remember that hunting and alcohol and drugs don’t mix

Know and Obey the Law

Fisherman’s Code of Conduct

Respect the Environment & Wildlife

Show respect for wildlife and take only what you will use, even if it is under the legal limit. Learn to tread lightly while afield. Use vehicles only on established roads and trails, practice low-impact camping and travel, and pack out your trash, including cigarette butts and spent shell casings. Report illegal activities immediately.

Respect Property & Landowners

Always get permission to fish on private land. Close any gates you open, and never damage crops or property, including fences, outbuildings or livestock. Alert landowners or land managers about any problems you find on their property. Share your game with the landowner, or say thank you in some other way.

Show Consideration of Fishermen and Non-Fisherman Alike

Remember that the future of sport fishing depends on other fishermen and people that may or may not care for outdoor field sports. Be considerate of others sensibilities, and strive to leave them with positive images of fishing and fishermen in general. Don’t flaunt your kill. Treat game inoffensively, particularly during transport. Be considerate of all outdoor users, including other fishermen.

Remember, fishing and alcohol and drugs don’t mix.

Know and Obey the Law Obtain proper tags and licenses. Fish only in allowed areas and during designated times and seasons. Obey bag and possession limits. Use only legal hunting methods and equipment.

Support Wildlife & Habitat Conservation Learn more about wildlife and habitat issues, and urge policymakers to support strong conservation initiatives.

Pass on an Ethical Fishing Traditions, and urge others to do the same. Set high ethical standards for future generations of those on the waters to help ensure fishing will continue to be an enjoyable Adventure.

Strive to improve outdoor skills and understanding of wildlife

Know the limitations of your skills and equipment, and hunt within those limits.

Improve your outdoor skills to become more observant, and a better teacher.

Learn more about the habits of game and their management needs.

Encourage others to Fish Ethically and take pride in being ethical. Insist that your partners behave in a responsible, ethical manner as well. Compete only with yourself…

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Qualifications. Send-A-Vet® Foundation serves a select population of Active Duty Veterans:

The Veteran population not served by Send-A-Vet ® Foundation are: